Welcome to Torresan Estate

Torresan Estate is a 100% Australian owned family company who are passionate about providing great service to our customers. With over 50 years winemaking experience we fully understand our customerís bottling requirements.

We have the experience and expertise to offer:

  • Bottling and packaging solutions for large and small runs from 100+ cases
  • Secure insulated warehousing and distribution
  • Uncompromising quality standards
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Contemporary wine analysis services
  • Flexibility and customised solutions
  • HACCP Certification
  • Organic Certification NCO & NOP

In 2007 Torresan Estate opened the doors to their environmentally friendly, state of the art, contract bottling facility situated at Martins Road, McLaren Vale which services the needs of the McLaren Vale region and further afield, including an increased storage area of 3000 square metres.


Our purpose built facility has 2 lines in operation with a capacity to bottle 13600 cases of wine per 8 hour shift. With our brand new larger line in place it is the first fully automated bottling line in the region capable of bottling over 14000 bottles per hour.  This in conjunction with our existing line bottling at 8500 bottles per hour gives us the flexibility to continue to look after small volume from 100+ cases to super premium or complex bottling runs, which often require manual work, as well as high volume large runs, all at a good value price.  This automation requires all our operators to be fully trained with a high level of expertise.


We operate on a contract basis with complete confidentiality.